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Airport Parking

Airport Parking

Transient aircraft parking is only permitted on the main ramp area (northeast of runway 31/13, between taxiways A and B).  Aircraft remaining overnight (or aircraft parked on the ramp in excess of 6 days, even if not on the ramp overnight) will receive an invoice in the mail, addressed to the registered owner.  If the billing should go to a different address airport management must be advised.  Bills will be issued on the first day of each month.  Aircraft owners may purchase advance parking passes, on a semi-annual or annual basis, based on the availability of tie-down spots. 



Type of Aircraft Per Night Per Week Per Month
Single Engine $10 $50 $100
Multi Engine/Turboprop below 12,500 lbs $20 $100 $200
Multi Engine/Jet or above 12,500 lbs $40 $200 $400

Long Term non-KCRA Based Aircraft
Type of Aircraft Semi-Annual Annual
Single Engine $400 $500
Twin Engine $600 $1000
Jet $1000 $1600

KCRA Based Semi-Annual Annual
Single Engine $200 $350
Twin Engine $250 $450
Remote Area $160 $300

The airport manager is responsible for administering this program. Aircraft will be recorded by tail number (registration) each morning.  These aircraft registration numbers will then be entered in the aircraft inventory log (via computer), and an invoice will be forwarded to the owner after the aircraft has left the airport.  For KCRA Based Aircraft owners: if the driver has been trained and the vehicle designated for ramp movement, the vehicle may be parked in place of the aircraft, but in no case will an unattended vehicle remain on the ramp when the aircraft is parked.


The owner of the aircraft will be billed after the aircraft has left the airport.  Please leave a mailing address with the airport manager or Downeast Air.  This requirement is only needed for the first visit.  Payment must be by check or cash, unless specific arrangements have been worked out with the FBO.  Pilots may pay by check on day of departure at Downeast Air.  Please be sure to include registration number of aircraft on check.  If a receipt is desired, please indicate on the check.  Make checks payable to “Knox County Treasurer”.

Annual/Semi-annual passes must be purchased in advance.  Please forward payment to the Knox County Regional Airport Manager, 5 Airport Road, Owls Head, ME 04854.  Make checks payable to the Knox County Treasurer.  Be sure to indicate the aircraft registration number on the check.