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Tablet Friendly Tools for Local EMA Directors

Local-level Emergency Management Directors in Knox County are exploring the use of ultra-portable tablet computers for emergency management duties.

The iPad Air 2 (iOS) and Galaxy Tab 4 (Android) were chosen to compare functional apps available for the two different systems.  As useful apps are identified by our users, we will post information on this page.  We have to mention that we do not specifically endorse any non-government, third party developed app.  This information is provided for your convenience.

Depending on your device type, you generally must download Apps from the App Store (iOS platforms) or the Google Play Store (Android platforms).

Found a useful Emergency Management related App you'd like to share?  Let us know about it!

Situational Awareness and Reporting
Note: For fillable forms (such as SITREP & Damage Report) you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (This is a free App).

Knox County Local SITREP & Damage Report   Click to open then save .pdf to your device

Maine Form 7- Damage Assessment Worksheet  (v.2016) Click to open then save to your device.

IMX Connect- for WebEOC Mobile Access:  Intermedix created a mobile-friendly app for iOS (v 1.1.2)  and Android (v platforms which provides incident and activity alerting and also allows quick access to your WebEOC account.  Download the App from the Google Playstore or the App Store.

ArcGIS Collector- Use for Damage Assessing and reporting: This App is available for both iOS and Android platforms (v 10.4.2).  It will allow users to quickly identify, document and report damage observations associated with ArcGIS apps provided by utilities and others under local development.  It requires precise location services to be enabled.  Some devices may require use of external GPS units.  Access App Store or Google Play Store.

Weather Monitoring

Weather Underground "Storm HD"- This appprovides excellent weather radar for your tablet.  To download to your Apple device go to Storm App.

For those of you with Androids go to Intellicast HD App

Real Time Lightning Data-  Using your tablet browser to go to This is a "community Project" which is not formally recognized as a weather modeling tool but when combined with a good weather radar app, will give you more complete weather situational awareness.  There are third party viewer apps available for Android devices from the Google Play Store (Blitzortung Viewer and Donnerwetter).  "Live Lightning" is available through the App Store for iOS devices.

Incident Response Information

CAMEO CHEMICALS  (V. 2.8.0) (Computer aided Management of Emergency Operations)  This app provided by NOAA provides critical response information and physical properties about thousands of hazardous chemicals. The program also estimates how chemicals could react if they were mixed together. Part of the trio of essential Hazardous Materials response programs which include ALOHA and MARPLOT. Free iOS or Android download.

WISER (V 6.2) (Wireless information System for Emergency Responders).  This app provides info comparable to the current Emergency Response Guide and can also assist responders identifying unknown substances based on physical properties. Free iOS and Android download

First Responder Support Tools (FiRST): This app allows First Responders to access and share incident mapping featuring HAZMAT (ERG) recommended evacuation, cautionary or exclusion zones based on time of day and user entered or internet-provided weather conditions.  It is also capable of providing weather oriented road block/road closure recommendations based on "Isolate/Protect" distances.  Users may also access and display ATF explosive standoff distances on incident scene maps (feature requires agency vetting). This app currently cost $4.99 and is available for iOS or Android download.

Emergency Response Guide (ERG-2020)  This guide produced by jointly by the USDOT, Transport Canada and Secretariat of Transport and Communication (Mexico) is the First Responders go-to guide for identification and initial action for HAZMAT responses real or suspected.  Free iOS and Android download

Communication, Teleconferencing

IamResponding (IAR) (v 1.43.1) Working parallel to radio dispatch, this system is in use county-wide for incident alerting. Requires agency authentication/username assignment. Free download for iOS and Android

EchoLink (v 2.16.25) This is a weblink to participating amateur radio repeaters worldwide.  Requires FCC License (Technician or higher) to use.  Requires login and license authentication. Free App for iOS and Android.

Navigation  & Location

Bluetooth GPS (v 1.3.7) This free Android download allows GPS data to be shared between your external Garmin GLO receiver and other Bluetooth enabled phones or computers. (Note: This is not required for tablet  devices with internal GPS)

ArcGIS Online (AGOL)  This is an emerging cloud-based mapping application which runs readily on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phones.  Public account required.  Create account here:

Contact EMA: Office/EOC (207)594-5155 
After hours via KRCC Dispatch at (207)593-9132
Last updated 5/9/2022

Videos to help you use these tools more effectively.

After starting a video, you may want to zoom to full extent for easier viewing. Click the expand bracket located in the lower right corner of the video screen.

Taking a screen shot on iPAD Air