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Hazard Mitigation Information for Municipalities

Hazard mitigation efforts are aimed to create more hazard-resilient or resistant communities, which are less prone to the effects of natural disasters.

The purpose of the Knox County Hazard Mitigation Plan is to provide guidance for a hazard resistant Knox County that vigilantly assesses, plans for and mitigates any natural hazard.  Municipal hazard mitigation projects identified in the plan, updated by jurisdictions participating in the plan, are eligible to apply for FEMA funding assistance under a variety of mitigation related programs.

The Hazard Mitigation Plan for Knox County, updated for 2013 is revised about every five years following the requirements of the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 and guidance which is provided from time to time from FEMA.  In the planning process, we attempt to take a "whole of community" approach, including planning team members from organized local, county and state-level public safety agencies, town and city planners, private sector partners, non-governmental organizations and regular citizens.

The Hazard Mitigation planning team identified a range of scenarios having a higher liklihood of occurring which could affect individual communities or the county as a whole.  These hazards were profiled using several criteria including their impact or severity, prior occurrance, and probability of reoccurrance.

Ranked by priority, they include:

Severe Winter Storms:  Blizzards, Ice Storms, Nor'easters and Sleet storms.

Severe Summer Storms: Severe Rain, Wind, and Lightning weather events, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes, Storm related Erosion, and Tornados.

Flooding: Dam Failure, Flash Flooding, Ice Jams, Lake Flooding, Riverine, and Urban.

Wildland Fire: Natural or human-caused caused fires on the mainland or islands, in wild areas or in the wildland-urban interface.

Landslides and Subsidence: Storm-related earth failure on steep slopes or areas prone to hydraulic undercutting, and severe coastal bluff erosion.

For more information on the Knox County Hazard Mitigation Plan, or to comment or make suggestions for the next revision contact:
Knox County EMA
301 Park Street
Rockland, ME 04841
or call us at (207)594-5155

Knox County ME Hazard Mitigation Plan Revision completed!

The  Knox County Hazard Mitigation Plan , required by the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (PL 106-390) received its final federal certification  from FEMA on Aug 27, 2019.  This is a consensus plan which includes all communities in, and the County Government for Knox County.  For more info on the current plan visit our Hazard Mitigation Information for Municipalities section.  To see a 2019 Executive Summary of the plan, click on this link or find the document download link also on this page.  

We invite active public participation in the planning process!  Your comments or suggestions for the next revision and your membership on the planning team is welcome.  Please contact us at (207) 594-5155 or write to the Knox County EMA 301 Union Street Rockland, ME 04841.

Be Flood Smart!  Resources for flood information
New Legislation, Winter Flooding News for NFIP Policyholders

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (BW-12) requires FEMA to take immediate steps to eliminate a variety of existing flood insurance subsidies and calls for a number of changes in how the program operates... (read more here)

Get Maps!

Paper copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for your town are available for review in your town office.  You may also order or download digital copies of full FIRM maps from the FEMA Map Service Center (nominal cost).  Easier still, create a "FIRMette", which is a highly localized map you easily create, save and print from the Map Service Center.  Go to the Map Service Center by clicking here.

Understanding your Flood Map

FEMA has created a brief online tutorial to help you understand how to read and use a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).  See it here.
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Hazard Mitigation Planning- References and Work products7 documents

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